Observatoire IA/ARTS

Organisateurs : Ada Ackerman, Antonio Somaini (Sorbonne Nouvelle)

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  • « Operative ekphrasis : The collapse of the text/image distinction in multimodal AI »

    This talk discusses the implications of multimodal artificial intelligence, including image generators such as DALL·E 2, for the traditional concept of ekphrasis. Using ekphrasis as an example of “thinking with AI,” it takes up the suggestion that in the digital realm, ekphrastic relationships should be understood as performative rather than representational. Since with the introduction of modern AI the digital realm needs to be divided into a sequential part (classic algorithms) and a connectionist part (artificial neural networks), the essay shows how the latter part ultimately tends toward a collapse of the text/image distinction in the technical system. Artificial neural networks both encode images and text as the same type of information, and they do so differently from the sequential model. Only in the context of multimodal AI, unlike in analog or sequential paradigms, ekphrasis goes beyond the separation of or transition between text and image, but rather transcends this difference.

    INHA, salle Walter Benjamin

  • La réalisation de films à l’heure de l’IA
  • Joanna Zylinska/ Mercedes Bunz