Commonwealth Essays and Studies

Resurgence Numéro thématique de revue - Octobre 2008

Christine Lorre (dir.), « Resurgence », Commonwealth Essays and Studies , 31.1 (Autumn 2008), SEPC, Octobre 2008

In the postcolonial context, the concept of resurgence takes on amazing forms, both in its many avatars and in the consequences it entails. A special place is given in this issue to cultural resurgence and the role of symbolic objects in this process in Canadian literature, as Jane Urquhart was guest of honour at the 48th SAES congress in Orléans in May 2008 ; the two essays devoted to her work reflect the richness of the exchanges with the audience that took place then. Essays dealing with the resurgence of history and the metamorphoses it leads to touch on issues of survival and an often painful heritage. As for the impact of the resurgence of the past on artistic creation, be it through the surfacing of the subconscious, intertextuality (including oral traditions), or emblematic objects, it is characterized by a search for new creative forms that aim to subsume struggle and catharsis.