Defiant Spirits : Fernando Brito’s Sinaloa - A conversation with the photographer Conférence

Organisateurs : Didier Aubert, Barbara E. Mundy, Laura Worden, Fernando Brito

Institute of Sacred Music - Yale University
Miller Hall (PROS406)
406 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511

The exhibition Defiant Spirits : Fernando Brito’s Sinaloa showcases the complex identities, histories, and traditions of Sinaloa, Mexico, through the lens of Fernando Brito. Born and raised in Sinaloa, Brito’s previous works have exposed the raw violence of living in a state governed by the Cartel de Sinaloa and the Mexican government. Yet, in Defiant Spirits, the photographer captures the enduring rituals and resilience of the Sinaloan people.
Please join us for a conversation with the photographer, Fernando Brito, and one of the exhibition curators, Didier Aubert (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle) on September 4 at 5pm in Miller Hall. Reception to follow.

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