Vous avez dit « complot » ?" Essai critique Article - Novembre 2023

Chloé Chaudet

Chloé Chaudet, « Vous avez dit « complot » ?" Essai critique  », Acta fabula : Revue des parutions pour les études littéraires, novembre 2023, https://www.fabula.org/revue/document17484.php. ISSN 2115-8037


Both published in 2023, Alain Corbellari’s Le Complot en littérature and Georges Forestier’s Molière, le mystère et le complot consider the imagination of conspiracy from a philological perspective that diversifies the current approaches within conspiracy studies. This obvious openness does, however, go hand in hand with certain omissions common to both essays, which highlight the difficulty of defining and distinguishing the terms involved. Nonetheless, each book presents some interesting ideas for consolidating the place of conspiracy and conspiracism as objects of literary study.

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