The Origins of Dislike : A Genealogy of Writerly Discontent Communication

Intervenant : Laetitia Zecchini

Université Paris-Sorbonne, salle D690, galerie Claude Bernard
1 rue Victor Cousin
75005 Paris

Amit Chaudhuri, « The Origins of Dislike : A Genealogy of Writerly Discontent », en conversation avec Laetitia Zecchini et Alexis Tadié :

« The Origins of Dislike : A Genealogy of Writerly Discontent » is a long confession of discomfiture - with historicism, naturalism, Renaissance painting, and the historical novel - indeed, with the idea of continuous lines and traditions from the past leading up to ourselves. It’s a reflection on the importance, therefore,of understanding where one’s dislikes, as a writer or artist, come from, and how they reflect the constant battles and contestations through which one shapes oneself, and affiliates oneself to one branch of literature/ historical imagination rather than another. The talk, besides reflecting on Renaissance painting, engages with John Berger, and with Tarkovsky, Tagore, and Japanese film and literature in its attempt to address the issue of representation.